About Provisum Strategies

Provisum |pr e vi sum| Verb (Latin): to see beforehand and to take precautions for or against.

Strat•e•gy |strat e je| Noun (Greek): a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.


At Provisum Strategies, we understand the challenges involved in making good decisions depend on the intersection of many factors.

With so many moving pieces, being able to see the landscape from all directions and from top to bottom allows you to more effectively set your strategy for the future and execute your game plan. It is more than the right technology, it also is about the right people. It requires both strategic planning and tactical execution. It blends public policy with private enterprise. It takes turning theoretical ideas into practical solutions. And, it strikes the right balance between government action and prosperity.

Our specialities include:

  • Helping private sector clients understand the political and policy landscape so they can successfully grow their businesses;

  • Assisting non-profits identify core capabilities and tools to improve performance and donor relations;
  • Providing politicians with advice to ensure electoral success and to advance sound government policies; and

  • Partnering with government entities to make tough fiscal decisions, educate stakeholders, and convince citizens of funding requirements, including leveraging the Local Government Innovation Fund to plan and to execute cost-savings.

Given the economic uncertainties and the fiscal crises across governments, the old way of doing things just won't work today. With a proven track record of achievement and innovation, we look forward to bringing the same excellence of service and award-winning skills to your team.

We stand ready to help you navigate this ever-changing environment.

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